CATUDI is a spin-off by Ener2Crowd, the Italian and European n°1 platform and app for sustainable investments.

Our mission is to provide companies, private investors, individuals, and professionals with the opportunity to minimize their carbon footprint through tangible, measurable, and certified tools.


Thousands of investors have already chosen to invest in and support 100% green projects that contribute to CO2 emissions reduction.

Thanks to the synergy with Ener2Crowd, in addition to earning high annual gross returns, you can also be awarded with tradable carbon credits!


Today there are many critical issues related to Carbon Credits market, overshadowing all the efforts we put on our net-zero transition path.

Non evidence-based assessment

Usually, credits are generated based on estimates rather than actual measurements.

The lack of mathematical rigor creates uncertainty about the actual amount of CO2 absorbed.

of transparency

Current certification methodologies lack transparency and face challenges in providing accessible data for verification by stakeholders.

The credit attribution method is still relatively unstructured.


It is possible that, due to an error, the same carbon credit can be accounted for simultaneously in two different sustainability reports, leading to a misrepresented reduction in CO2 quantity that does not correspond to the actual value.

Through the use of the EnerBox and the blockchain technology, Catudi has designed a solution to address and solve these three problems.


Each one of us has a super-power: the possibility to choose sustainable solutions and investments, bringing more values to our lives.

Being sustainable means creating the possibility for our own future, and the one of the generation to come.

But that super-power should used only in favour of those solutions and investments that can prove to be good for the planet, and so good for our future.

To do so we have to fight net-zero greenwashing, and allow capitals to flow only toward effective and positive climate initiatives, making transparency a pillar for the accountability we seek and deserve from each stakeholder involved in building a sustainable future.


Every sustainable choice can be translated in a carbon abatement thanks to our measurement technology, proprietary algorithms through a blockchain based and certified process.

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